Hand In Hand

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Harry Worth
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Hand In Hand

Post by Harry Worth »

Not me, but my regular Elvis gig buddy and occasional lurker on this forum and his recently released cover of Hand in Hand:
https://soundcloud.com/nixonnetmusic/ha ... al_sharing
https://open.spotify.com/track/4Z1FMwr3 ... b6510f429f
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Re: Hand In Hand

Post by Ymaginatif »

Impressive! Sound like a very competent rendition of the original, even down to some of the very smallest details. The guitars sound more competently played/recorded than in the original!

But it's where those horns suddenly step a little forward that the song grabs my attention! Suddenly a little door opens towards possibly a new angle to the song - something, in a very unexpected way, New Orleans funerary. Now that's interesting! I like that! I love quirky, and I wonder what the song, pushed a little more in that direction, would sound like!
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