Look Hear Listen Now (specifically Leeds)

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Look Hear Listen Now (specifically Leeds)

Postby Hawksmoor » Tue May 24, 2022 6:21 am

I'm quite excited about these events. Well, the only one I'm actually going to is Leeds on Sunday (29th) but it sounds promising. They're billed as 'fabulously compact venues' on the official site, and indeed, all my dealings for the Leeds one have been via Crash Records (which appears to be an independent record shop on the Headrow) and Brudenell Social Club (which apparently has a maximum capacity of 400).

I screwed up on the ticket front, in as far as I ordered two tickets (along with a CD) way back whenever (January?). So then I get an email reminding me to keep my tickets safe (which were shipped with the CD). Naturally I have the CD but no sign of the tickets, so it looks as though I inadvertently threw them away with the packaging. Doh!

So, I've been in touch with Crash Records to explain the situation, and they were enormously friendly and helpful - they've added me+1 to a guest-list on-the-door, so all should be well. And the upshot is that it does look as though these Look-Hear-Listen-Now events have been set up via small(ish) local venues and small(ish) independent record shops.

All of which makes me happy, and I'm looking forward to Sunday night in Leeds. Anybody else going?

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